The Girls' Growing Up in the Lord

There is a large problem in our society. People have taken upon themselves to define what is right and what is wrong. Their standard is their own desires, and their target is our well-being. Believing there is no God, they use a standard of "feeling good" as a measure of righteousness. The result has been unrestrained sex that is no longer considered sinful. Instead, the opposite is asserted! To teach that young people should wait until marriage to have sex is said to be unreasonable and outdated.

Much material is available regarding sex but its presentation isn't often useful. Medical-oriented sites give the facts, but they are devoid of the moral implications. Sex education sites are typically operated by those who take a stand against religion and moral codes. Religious sites teach the morality, but most avoid details because they are embarrassing. It is my aim to bridge the gap between medically accurate information and instruction in moral obligations.

Instead of letting the ignorant and unrighteous define the moral standard, I've taken direct aim at the false teachings commonly found in our public schools. God's view of sex is unabashedly taught using the same medical information available. My aim is to show there is another way of looking at sex -- one that involves God, responsibility, and concern for other people's well being. The Bible's teaching is relevant to today's society. It makes sense to use the Bible as a guide to understand the issues of growing up and sex; after all our Maker didn't leave us without an instruction manual.

The information presented here is embarrassingly plain. The plain language is the same used in sex education courses in the public schools, but instead of giving humanistic definitions, I define them in the light of the Scriptures. Most of us find the topic of sex embarrassing, so adults look for gentle phrases to express what they would rather not say. However, for young women, the phrases have no meaning because they have no experience with what is being talked about. It comes across as if the adult is trying to hide something, creating a feeling of distrust. But young women need to trust the warnings the dangers of unbridled sex.

I'm not a doctor; I am a preacher who holds a science degree, and I am a good researcher. I try hard to present accurate medical information framed in the moral teachings of the Bible. I have no qualms telling young women that they need to live righteously, and the Bible is frequently quoted to prove why. Medical information is cited to back up those statements to show that what God asks of us is reasonable and makes life better.