I have a serious problem. I and my boyfriend have been having a perfect relationship until he gave his life to Christ, which I am not doubting. Ever since then, he has been acting strange. He doesn't kiss me or even hug me as he use to. Any time I ask him about it, he always find an excuse that he is now a born again. What do I do? I no longer have joy in me again ever since.


It appears to me that he is trying to control his thoughts about you by treating you with respect. He doesn't want to stir up any sexual passion that might lead to sinful thoughts or behaviors. For that he ought to be commended.

You, on the other hand, judge your "love" upon your sensual feelings. You also enjoy having control over a guy by stirring him up. Since you focus on the physical, you don't know how to deal with a boy who wants something more than passion in a girlfriend.

You have an opportunity to have a boy friend who cares about you as a person instead of chasing after your body. You should respect the gift he is offering you and enjoy being with him.