The Author

Jeff Hamilton is a preacher, currently working with the La Vista Church of Christ in La Vista, Nebraska. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have four sons.

This project began back in 1989 when he was asked to design a class for a congregation that would balance the sex education classes being taught in public schools. Not finding any suitable material, he ended up writing his own. The class went over so well with the students and their parents that the parents encouraged Jeff to publish it as a book.

The boys' book took several years to research, but it was finally published in 1992. A lot of effort went into understand both what was currently being taught in the public schools and the directions these courses would take in the future. The girls' edition was published in 1999.

In 2003, Jeff realized that the future of small books was moving toward the Internet, so he added all of his writings to the La Vista Church of Christ web site. What he wasn't counting on was the popularity of his efforts. Questions began to roll in quickly and it eventually became clear that the more popular books needed their own web sites. Hence, the site that you are now exploring.