I have small bumps on my vagina

Last updated on October 21, 2020



I have small bumps on my vagina, but I have not had any sexual intercourse with a guy except kissing. What are these small bumps?


The vulva (the outer area) and the vagina are not smooth areas of the body. There are folds and bumps along the surface.

The lumps can be vaginal cysts which will eventually fade away. The vagina produces various oils and fluids and the glands can at times become clogged, just as they do on your outer skin, producing something much like acne. These lumps are not painful and don’t require any treatment.

A sore or painful lump might indicate an infection in a gland. While these sometimes resolve themselves on their own, it might require a doctor to lance the wounded area to drain the infection.

Since you haven’t been sexually involved, we can almost rule out genital warts (HPV). However, the virus that produces warts is commonly found and can be present even when you are not sexually involved. If the lumps have a “cauliflower” look or feel, it is best to have a doctor look at them, and if it is warts have them removed. Warts have been linked with cancer in later years of life.