My breasts are different sizes


I am 14 years old, female, and my left breast is larger than the other, including the nipple and the area around the nipple. Is it normal? Please tell me. I am really worried. And is it ok to have acne all over my body at my age? Is there any way to get rid of them?


Development does not always happen in a perfectly symmetrical fashion. It is not unusual for one side to get ahead of the other side for a short period of time. It will soon balance out as the other side catches up.

Because you are growing rapidly, your skin is producing more oils than is typically needed. The excess oils can clog up pores, not just on the face but anywhere on the body. This too will fade as your growth slows and then stops. In the meantime, bathe daily and wash your skin well. There are products sold for treating acne on the body. I can’t comment on how well they may or may not work for your skin type. However, avoid those with benzoyl peroxide as this chemical bleaches clothing that comes in contact with it.