My mother burnt me but nobody believes me

Last updated on October 31, 2020


I got baptized recently. I feel like a bad person — worse than a murderer. Like other teenagers, I feel like my parents don’t understand me. When something happens they don’t believe me. Today there was an incident, my mother burnt me and lied to my family. Of course, they believed her. She always compares me to my brother who is much better than me. Now all my self-esteem is gone, and I feel like a bad Christian because I disobey her because I’m angry with her!


I’m sure I didn’t get the whole story, but we can start by addressing a simple fact: no parent is allowed to burn their children. Since your family doesn’t believe you, talk to your preacher, a counselor at school, or a social worker. Even if they accept your mother’s lies about what happened, she is going to know that people are concerned. It might restrain her, but if it doesn’t, report every instance of abuse. The very pattern of harm will eventually cause people to stop believing her.

If you consider your health or life to be in jeopardy, then these same people should be able to get you to a safe place.