I discharge constantly!

Last updated on October 21, 2020


I’m 15 and I discharge constantly. Before my period and after it as well. It seems like it never stops! Is this normal?


Assuming that the amount is small and doesn’t have much of an odor, the answer is “yes, it is normal.” The lining of your vagina constantly produces mucus that keeps the lining moist and aids in keeping things like dust and germs out of your vagina. The mucus traps the particles and as it flows toward the opening, it sweeps them out.

Generally, the amount is small, but some women have heavier flows than other women. One cause is the amount of progesterone that you produce. The more progesterone you have, the heavier the vagina fluids are produced. If a woman is taking birth control pills, these can produce heavier flows because progesterone is one of the ingredients in the pills.

The amount also varies throughout the month in accordance with your hormone levels. And the consistency will change from thin to thick.

A healthy discharge from the vagina is usually whitish in color, though it will dry yellow on panties. It has an odor that varies with your monthly cycle, but it should not be noticeable if you bathe regularly.

However, if you have itching, burning, or soreness in the vaginal area, or if there is a noticeable increase in your discharge, or the smell of the discharge becomes strong, then it is possible that you picked up an infection. Any change in the color of the discharge should also send you to the doctor for a checkup.