Could you tell me why my period is delayed?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


The last time I remember having my period come was May 31, and it hasn’t come yet. The date is July 16 right now. I can promise you that I did not do anything to make me pregnant. But I’m worried if I am, or if there is something wrong with me. Could you tell me what could be the reason for my delayed period? I might not sure if that was my last period (May 31 to June 5). But that’s the last one I remember. Along with you telling me why my period is delayed, could you tell me what I could do so that it comes regularly? My period started when I was 10, and now I’m 12, I might have diabetes, I have asthma and I exercise 20 minutes every day. could any of those be the reasons? Please tell me all that’s possible. thank you. And like I said, I did not do anything that would make me pregnant. I promise.

Thanks again.


The only way you could get pregnant is if sperm from a boy got into your vagina. It doesn’t matter how it gets there, but it is a must before even the thought of pregnancy should enter your mind.

It is very common for teenage girls to miss a period once in a while. Your hormones have not settled down into a steady rhythm at this point, so it is easy to get out of sync once in a while. In addition, a woman’s period is affected by the amount of body fat she is carrying. If you get too thin, such as from not eating well or by very heavy exercising, you won’t have a period. In this particular case, the lack of a period is a warning sign that the body is under too much stress. Coaches of female athletes have to aware of these things because it can affect the long-term health of the athlete. But at twenty minutes of exercise a day, you are nowhere close to overdoing your exercise.

A general rule of thumb is missing a period once in a while is no cause for alarm (though you can expect your next period to be extra heavy). Missing two in a row should get your attention. Miss three in a row and you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.