I had a bad dream about me being involved with another woman


Hello sir,

I just woke up from a very bad dream, and I don’t know why I would even have such a dream. In it, I visited someone I apparently knew, so she introduces me to her brother. And when he never shows up, the two of us end up doing some horrible stuff. I don’t watch movies that contain lesbian lines and I always skip that part of it if I ever unknowingly met it in a book or a movie. So I really don’t know why I had this dream, and it was pretty graphic too. I only watched Christian movies yesterday. I’m so confused.


Dreams are something that you cannot directly control. When you sleep, your brain takes advantage of your “off” time to organize all the events and thoughts that you had during the day. One purpose of that organization is to connect past memories to current ones so that you can recall events. But sometimes those connections are a bit odd. That is why something that seems totally unrelated to the subject at hand suddenly pops into your mind. But those odd connections are also what triggers our creativity as well. When you dream you are basically watching those connections being made.

Both boys and girls have erotic dreams that are triggered by their bodies signaling a desire for sex. Most likely you are at that time of the month when your body is releasing an egg. For girls, that is the time their desire for sex is usually the strongest. Your brain then pulled up things connected with sexual themes. It appears that fear was also on your mind since your dream featured being stood up on a date. From there your dream spiraled out of control, delving into issues of homosexuality. That is a common fear these days. People aren’t always as confident about their sexual desires as they appear on the surface. Worries about whether I might be a homosexual is common in young people.

What it comes down to is that erotic dreams happen and while they might loosely reflect some of your thoughts, they don’t accurately define who you are or what you believe. You had a nightmare. Let it go and move on in your life. You know that what you dreamed about is not you or your beliefs.