I have some yellowish discharge and cramps. Should I tell my mother?

Last updated on October 28, 2020



Recently I have been feeling awkward. I’ve had some stomach cramps, I feel different, just like I thought a period would be like. In the past week, I have had sticky stuff in my knickers, so I started folding some tissue and tucking it in down there. That made me feel comfortable for the last week, each day there was a dry yellow discharge in there, it was dry though, not like urine. I didn’t do it this weekend but noticed no change. Today at school, I tucked tissue there again, and to my surprise, there was the same dry yellow, and in my actual knickers, underneath the tissue was a light brown fluid. And then I looked back at the tissue and saw a tiny red dot. I thought it was cotton from my red knickers, but it isn’t. Sorry for talking forever, but is this the sign of my first period? And should I tell my mom? And how?

Thank you for your time.


A yellow vaginal discharge is usually an indication of an infection. Normal discharge is white or clear with almost no odor and no itching.

Yes, you need to mention this to your mother. She will be taking you to a gynecologist to determine what kind of infection you picked up and what kind of medication you need to take. While you two are out and about, she’ll need to get you some sanitary napkins to use. They will work much better than tissue.

How do you tell your mother? Very simply: stick to the facts, just as you described them to me. Your mom is familiar with these types of things. She’s gone through it too.