Is it bad to kiss your ex-boyfriend?

Last updated on October 30, 2020


I have a sincere question. Is kissing your ex a sin? Like, is it sort of giving in to temptation? I know I am not going to marry him or even date him again, but with him being my first boyfriend, I miss actually being able to kiss him. I’m 17 and he was my first kiss. You technically don’t have to be dating to kiss, and if I were to kiss him it would be without strings attached. I just want to clear it up in my mind. Is this considered giving into sinful temptation?

Please answer soon. Thank you! God bless!


There is nothing wrong with a chaste kiss, but it seems to me that you are looking for more than a quick “Hello” or “Good-bye” kiss. It sounds like you are chasing after the feelings that come from kissing someone you like. Those types of kisses can arouse sexual desire and that can be a danger when you are not married to the person you are passionately kissing.

Besides, while you see it as a “no strings attached” kiss, will he see it the same way? What you think and feel is not necessarily what he thinks or feels. It may not even be a matter of sin or not, but giving another person an expectation that you don’t intend.