Is it good for your breast to wear a bra while you are sleeping?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


Hi! I was just wondering, is it not good for your breasts to wear a bra while you are sleeping at night? Will it make your breasts not grow as big?


The size of your breast will be determined by the genes you inherited from your parents and the amount of fat your body is storing. The greater bulk of your breasts is actually fat tissue, needed to give the milk glands a ready supply of energy to create milk after you have a baby. Wearing a bra does not impact the size of your breasts positively nor negatively. Its one aid is that there are fibers in your breasts to hold them up. After a long while, those fibers get stretched and breasts begin to sag. A bra takes some of the pressure off the fibers, which in turn delays the sagging.

Many women wear a bra to help shape their form. Some of those bras might not be comfortable to wear while laying down in bed, but a sports bra, which has no metal or wires within, would work if you felt more comfortable wearing something. Basically, what you wear at night in the privacy of your own room is your decision.