Would exercise affect my periods?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


I am 22 years old. I have regular period cycles and my period date is the 26th of every month; otherwise, there is a delay of one or two days. The periods happen one day before or one day after. But now I don’t have my periods until the 7th. I am doing regular exercise. Will it affect my periods or my cycle?

Please help me, I am worried.


The number of days between your periods will vary from time to time. It changes most when you are a teenager and then becomes more steady during your adult years. The fact that your periods have been coming steadily near a particular day of the month is unusual, especially considering that the number of days in a month varies between 28 and 31 days. All that has happened is that one of your periods went a little longer or a little shorter than before and on the calendar, you slid a few days. It is nothing to worry about. The only time you should have a concern if you miss your period complete several months in a row.