My boyfriend called it off, and I don’t know what to do

Last updated on June 20, 2024



I have a question. My boyfriend (now ex) and I are both 15. He’s very religious, whereas I am somewhat religious. Our first meeting was unexpected. It was as if God planned for us to meet.

We had a great relationship that lasted for six months. For the last weeks of our relationship, I constantly talk to him about his communication issues and his lack of effort. He told me he would try to improve, but he didn’t know what was happening to him. During the first stages of our relationship, he was the perfect guy. He never lacked effort and constantly said “I love you” to me. But over time, I noticed that he was changing. He stopped playing his favorite sport and started bed rotting. I tried to understand his situation.

He decided to end the relationship because he doesn’t know himself anymore and it hurts him to see me in pain because of him. He told me I was the best person he had ever met, and he has no regrets about our relationship, just grief from unintentionally hurting me.

I didn’t want to end our relationship; I wanted to fight for us. His mother wanted us to fix things, but she also wanted us to focus on ourselves and our relationship with God.

What should I do? Will God bring us back together when we’re better one day? He never treated me badly; we had a great relationship, which ended like this.


It sounds like your ex-boyfriend is suffering from depression, though I have no idea what brought it on. He understands that something isn’t right but instead of searching for a solution, he is choosing to close himself off from others, which is common when a guy becomes depressed. Since I don’t know the root cause, I can’t suggest a solution.