Am I still a virgin if I played at having sex with another child?

Last updated on November 2, 2020



When I was young we were playing, and I happened to have sex when I was 6 or 7 years old. Because we were both young, I don’t think my hymen broke at that time because I remember when I was 12 years we were playing, and I realized that I was bleeding, but it was not due to having a period. That’s when I think my hymen broke.

I am not sure if I meet a guy who want to marry what would I say when he asks if I am a virgin?


I’m sorry to hear that you had such an experience when you were a child. Such things should not even enter a child’s mind.

But if you are asked, be honest and state that when you were a child, you once played at having sex, but that is the only experience that you’ve had. Then ask him if he is still a virgin.


Thank you. So when people, friends or whoever, ask me if I am a virgin, what should I say to them? I don’t really feel comfortable talking about what happened.


I can see going two ways with this: You can say that when you were very young you suffered abuse once and that you are not comfortable talking about it. Most people will understand and not bring up the topic anymore. A gossip will try to pry details out of you, and you will then know that this person is not someone you want on your list of friends. The other way to handle this is to say, “I strongly believe that people should reserve sex for marriage. Don’t you?” This deflects the question while making it clear that you oppose fornication.


Thank you so much. I now feel uplifted. God bless you.