There is a large problem in our society. People have taken upon themselves the privilege of defining what is right and what is wrong. Their standard is their own desires and their target is our own children. Believing there is no God, they have used a standard of “feeling good” as a measure of righteousness. As a result, unrestrained sex is no longer considered sinful. Instead, the opposite is true! To teach that young people should wait until marriage to have sex is considered unreasonable and outdated.

Instead of letting the ignorant and unrighteous define the moral standard for our children, we need to make a full-frontal assault on the false teachings in our public schools. God’s view of sex must be taught to our children to show there is another way of looking at the world. We need to show that the Bible’s teaching is relevant to today’s society and that it makes sense to use the Bible as a guide.

This book is designed to teach teenage girls who have reached puberty about God’s view of sex as taught in the Bible. Most of the book places heavy emphasis on the teachings found in the Bible. The early chapters concentrate on the physical aspects of womanhood. It then applies this knowledge, along with the Bible’s teaching, to discuss various aspects of sex as it applies to a young woman. The later chapters cover the various ways people pervert God’s gift of sex.

Throughout the book, I emphasize the point that each person is responsible for her own actions. Each thing we choose to do will have consequences, and I am very blunt about what those consequences may be. I do not accept the idea that a person “couldn’t help herself.” Instead, I point out the various tactics Satan uses to deceive us and ways a young woman can avoid sinning.

The wording in this book is embarrassingly plain. The plain language is the same that is used in sex education courses in the public schools, but instead of leaving the words with humanistic definitions, I define them in the light of the Scriptures. Because most of us find the topic of sex embarrassing, we look for gentle phrases to express what we would rather not say. However, for young women, the phrases have no meaning because they have no experience or it comes across as if you are trying to hide something from them. Our young women need to learn to trust us when we warn them of the dangers of unbridled sex. Indirect statements put a stumbling block in the way of that trust.

While I do describe what sex is in this book, I have purposely left out many details. I believe that a discussion of how to have a good sexual relationship should be reserved for the time just before a man and woman marry. See Preparation for a Lifetime by Jeffrey W. Hamilton for more information on this topic. Since the Song of Solomon is a good basis for discussing these matters, I will not cover the Song of Solomon in this book, but you can study it in The Greatest Love Song Ever Written by Jeffrey W. Hamilton.

While gathering material for these lessons, I found that the books available in Christian bookstores were inadequate in many ways: most of the books were written before the arrival of sex education in the schools; many do not address current problems, such as homosexuality, in adequate detail; and far too many of the books used few scriptural references (the authors were probably trying not to overwhelm their students).

It is my hope that you will find the material in this book adequate to combat the false teachings that are being spread in the sex education classes of the schools today. Instead of selecting only a few verses for each lesson, I want to expose you to the wealth of information on sex that is contained within the Scriptures.

I am still working on improving the material in this book. I would welcome any comments or information that you can send my way. Write to [email protected].

This book is available in printed form.

All quotations are from the New King James Bible published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1982.