Can I get pregnant if the boy gets inside of me just for 6 or 7 seconds without ejaculation?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


Can I get pregnant if, after three or four kisses, the boy gets inside of me just for 6 or 7 seconds without ejaculation, inside or outside? He hasn’t had a previous ejaculation for at last one week before.  Thank you. I’ll be waiting, nervously, for your answer.


There are a number of problems I need to talk to you about. Re-read your question and notice how you are trying to dismiss what happened as being a minor event. It was “just for 6 or 7 seconds” and he didn’t ejaculate. The thing you need to be asking yourself is why did you allow a boy to put his penis inside your vagina at all? Three or four kisses and then you let him in? It couldn’t have been an accident because it would require clothing to be removed by both you and him.

Let me be very clear. What you did with this boy is called fornication (or sexual immorality). You were engaged in having sex without being married. The fact that it was brief and that somehow the boy managed not to ejaculate doesn’t change the fact that you were still having sex when you were not married. “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4).

While the odds are small, the possibility does exist that you can get pregnant. When a man becomes sexually aroused, his body begins producing a fluid from two glands called the Cowper’s glands. The purpose of this fluid, called “pre-cum” in slang, is to cleanse his urinary tract prior to intercourse (the acids in urine kill sperm). Depending on the man and his level of arousal, the quantity of fluid produced can be little or a lot. The excess fluid drips from the end of his penis and provides a small amount of lubrication for intercourse. The fluid comes out long before he reaches the point of ejaculation. Because of the way the male body is put together, small quantities of sperm can be present in this fluid. The time since he last ejaculated doesn’t make a difference.

It only takes one sperm meeting with one egg in your body to produce a child. And, you must remember that sperm swim. So even if the fluid containing the sperm is deposited near the entrance of your vagina, it is possible for a sperm to swim up the vagina and reach an egg that you are releasing. However, in your case, his penis was well within your vagina for more than enough time for his pre-ejaculate fluid to be in your vagina, and depending on how far in he went, it could have been placed closed to your uterus.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, a married couple trying to conceive a child have an 85% chance in a year’s time frame. Or another way of looking at it, if 100 couples were trying to conceive, in one year 85 will have achieved their goal. The withdrawal method of contraception (where the man withdraws his penis before he ejaculates) lowers these odds to 19%. In other words, if 100 couples were using the withdrawal method to prevent conception, in one year 19 of the women would be pregnant anyway.

There is something else you also need to keep in mind. Pregnancy is not the only risk you took. Most sexually transmitted diseases involve body fluids. The lubricating fluids from the Cowper’s gland can contain more than sperm, but it can also contain bacteria and viruses that the boy picked up from other sex partners. After all, if he was willing to put his penis into you after a few kisses, it is likely that he has had sex with other women in the past. The fluid does not even need to be placed near your vagina for you to pick up these diseases. Skin to skin contact is sufficient for many diseases to be passed from one person to another. The skin on his penis and the skin in your vagina are both thin and easily pass disease from one to the other.