Could you help me with a high school project on rape?

Last updated on October 22, 2020



I’m in high school and we have this project that we have to do and the topic choice was up to us and I chose to do mine on rape. I was wondering if you could help me out and send me any kind of information that you have on rape. It could be questionnaires or surveys or anything like that.


I am glad you selected a subject which can be difficult to write about, especially if you are a woman. I’ll give you some starters using material you aren’t likely to normally find, but I won’t do the research for you — that would be cheating, which is a form of lying.

For the prevalence of rape, in “Sex Survey ‘Eye-Opening’ for Local Parents,” published on on Dec. 11, 2005, it stated that more than 9 percent of males and nearly 12 percent of female high school students said they were physically forced to have sex.

One thing often overlooked is the role alcohol and drugs play. Take a look at “A Psychological Argument for Abstinence and Commitment” and look under the section titled “Psycho-Social Risk Factors, Single-Parent Families, and Alcohol.” Also see: “CASA Study Reveals Dangerous Connection Between Teen Substance Use and Sex.

We understand that criminals exist in our society and so we take steps to minimize the chances of being the target of a crime. We put locks on our doors. We avoid walking in certain areas of town, especially in the evening. Women hold their purses tight. Teenagers tend to think that these things happen to other people. They take more risks than they should and then are surprised that those risks make them targets. This doesn’t excuse the criminal, but we can’t ignore doing what we can to reduce the chances of being targeted for a crime.