Do girls only grow 1 or 2 inches after their first period?

Last updated on October 17, 2020


My daughter recently turned twelve and she had her first period three months later. Her height is only 4′ 10″. I would like to know if she will grow more or not? I heard that girls grow only one or two inches after her first period.


There are variations between any two individuals, so I must discuss what generally happens in development. In about half of all females, the main growth spurt occurs about six months before menarche. Thus by the time a girl has her first menstruation, her growth rate has already slowed down and she will only gain about two inches after menarche. The average age for menarche is running around twelve and a half, so your daughter is fairly typical. On average, growth continues at a slower rate after menarche for another two to four years; ending, on average, around the age of fifteen.

But for the other half of all females, the growth spurt occurs after menarche. Thus, the rule doesn’t apply to every girl.