I am uncomfortable with my breast size

Last updated on October 20, 2020


I am uncomfortable with my breast size. They are of average size, but I just want them to be smaller. Is there any way through exercise, or weight loss that my breasts can be reduced? And if so how can I do it?


Even though your breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue, your body works at keeping its ideal shape. If you lose weight, the weight comes off evenly across your whole body and not from one specific area. So yes, losing weight will cause some decrease in your breast size, but since the rest of your body will also be decreasing you won’t notice much difference.

If you are overweight, dieting can be beneficial, but if you are of average or less weight, dieting can actually cause you harm. A woman needs a small amount of fat on her body for her systems to function properly. For example, female athletes must be careful not to become too lean or they stop having menstrual periods. If this continued for too long of a time, it can cause her harm.

Exercising won’t make any direct changes as there are no muscles in the breasts.

Rather than seeking to change your body, it would be more productive to change your attitude toward yourself. You are as God made you. Find peace in that thought.