I have growing pains and I’m hungry all the time. Does that mean I’m having a growth spurt?

Last updated on October 24, 2020


I am 12 now. I got my periods when I was 10, and I have never experienced any rapid growth in my height. I have just grown 3 inches in height in the past two years. My mother’s height is 5’3” and father is 5’10”.

I am starting to break out with acne on my face, but they are not thick, and also I have some acne on my back and the area above the chest. My hair on my legs are also becoming a little thick. I know that all these changes indicate that I am very close to the fourth Tanner stage.

I know that when you are in or close to the fourth stage, your growth speed slows down but now I am feeling that the speed of my height growth has become faster than it was before. I am experiencing a lot of growing pains. I always feel sleepy. My hunger has also increased.

Are all these signs of a growth spurt? Please tell me.

Thank you.


You’ve been experiencing a growth rate of about 1.5 inches each year, so if you measure yourself and find that in the last three months you’ve gained, let’s say an inch, then you have definitely entered your growth spurt.