I put a stop to the physical intimacy but now my boyfriend worries this will continue after marriage

Last updated on October 31, 2020


I am in my early twenties and have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for more than four years. We have never had sex. But, yes, we have spent time involved in physical intimacy. I do like it but at the same time regret it, considering it to be a sin. Now after four years I have firmly decided not to allow us to get into this physical relationship until marriage. My boyfriend is worried about whether this will continue even after marriage, and that is why he has chosen to break up. He is not eager about kissing, just concerned about the future. Should I continue with the relation allowing him what he wants or let go not worrying about the future?


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I assume you have assured him that you are willing and eager to be physically romantic with him after the two of you are married. So what we are left with is that your boyfriend doesn’t want to stop the gradual creep toward sex in your relationship. The claim that he is worried about the future is merely an excuse to continue.

Since what he wants is not proper for Christians to be involved in and that is the condition he places on continuing the relationship, you have no choice but to move on because sin should not be an option.