I seem to be getting hairier

Last updated on November 2, 2020


I am a female. I am almost 16 and I seem to be getting hairier on my arms and legs. I wonder if it just me being self-concerned and it has always been there. I have dark hair and olive skin, so we have always been hairier than normal. I wonder if I have high levels of testosterone, but I am short and my voice is high. Can this happen after puberty? On the puberty calculator it said I am at stage 4.3 so I am almost done or done completely. I haven’t grown in two years.

Thanks. Bye.


Having more body hair than the general population is an indication of higher testosterone levels in your blood. Other indications are being more muscular, having irregular periods, and unusually strong breakouts of acne.

All women have some testosterone, just as all men have some estrogens in their bodies. It is only when the testosterone levels get too high (over 75 nanograms per deciliter) that there is any concern. Generally, too high of testosterone will cause women to have small breasts, thinning hair, low libido, irregular menstrual cycles, and difficulties getting pregnant. If you have concerns, your doctor can check your hormone levels with a blood test.


Thanks. I phoned the doctor and she said it was because I put on a lot of weight, which makes testosterone higher. Thanks.