Is female ejaculation wrong?

Last updated on October 23, 2020


Is female ejaculation wrong?


The first problem is defining what female ejaculation is. Women when sexually aroused produce lubricating fluids in their vaginas. These fluids can be in sufficient quantities to drip out.

A few women state that when they reach orgasm, a quantity of liquid gushes out. Yet researchers haven’t identified the source of the liquid. The most likely candidates are the vaginal fluids being squeezed out by the contractions of orgasm, or momentary incontinence causing urine to be expelled. In either case, neither is an ejaculation in the sense that males ejaculate semen.

Regardless of the source, what is being described is the result of reaching orgasm for some women. It is a description of how their body responds to sexual stimulation. Such is neither right nor wrong in itself. Sex outside of marriage is wrong, regardless of how a person’s body responds. Sex within marriage is right, regardless of how a person’s body responds.