What is the meaning of the number generated by the Tanner Stage Calculator?

Last updated on October 20, 2020


In the Tanner Stage Calculator, what is the number the Estimated Tanner Stage calculation generates? For instance, if the calculator says 3.8 what does it mean?


The calculator is a small program that I wrote which takes all the secondary characteristics that are used to estimate Dr. Tanner’s stages of development. I weighted the responses. Those which are easiest to see and those which are most important in establishing a particular stage were given the highest weight. A 3.8 would mean that you are in stage three of development and will soon be moving into stage four. Stage 1 is for childhood. Stage 5 is for full maturity or adulthood. The end of stage 1 is when the first signs of puberty are seen. Stage 3 is generally when your growth spurt takes place.