When do you think my inverted nipples will come out?

Last updated on October 20, 2020


I am 11 and I have inverted nipples. On the Tanner Stage calculator, I scored 2.9. When do you think my inverted nipples will come out if they ever do come out? One is coming out, but it goes back in and it is abnormally small when I first see it.


Some women do have inverted nipples. Instead of sticking out, they are withdrawn within the breast. Often by the time you are finished developing, your nipples will stick out, being pushed out by the mammary glands (milk-producing glands) behind them. Sometimes they don’t stay out until after pregnancy when the milk glands expand. However, for a few women, the nipples never do stay out. They pop out when you get sexually excited or when a baby is sucking on your breast, but then they return to their normal position. It may seem strange, but inverted nipples cause no problems, even in breastfeeding.

The only reason some are bothered by it is that it is a difference from most other girls. Especially in adolescence, young people are overly concerned about appearing to be just like everyone else. The best approach is to act nonchalant about the matter. It won’t stop some girls from trying to tease you, but if you show the world you don’t care: “Some people’s belly buttons are inies, some are outies. The same thing happens on nipples. So what?” then they will give up — or try to find another way to irritate you.

There is a surgical method to change an inverted nipple, but it is very expensive and it sometimes doesn’t work. My philosophy is why fix something that isn’t broken?