When will my periods start?

Last updated on October 25, 2020


When is my period coming? I have had this whiteish, I think it’s called ‘discharge,’ from my well ‘girly parts’ for about 4- 5 months now, and I got a 3.2 on the calculator thingy. I am 4’11 now but last summer I was 4’7 of 4’8-ish so I grew quite a bit. I have leg hair that is thick and coarse all over my legs. In my armpits, I have hair but not a lot just a little. My pubic hair is dark, thick, and kind of curly. My chest is like a 3 on the Tanner scale according to the pictures on the test thinger. Help! I just want to know if it will come soon or if it will like another year or so or maybe longer!

P.S. Everyone says that you will most likely start it around the same time your mother did but my sister started it in 6th grade but my mom said she was in 9th grade and my chest is almost the same size as hers. So I really don’t know.


The discharge is your vaginal fluids. The purpose of the fluids is to keep the vagina clean by flushing out anything that might get in.

Menstruation starts in stage 2 for about half of all girls and by stage 4 in the other half. So when you get to stage 4 it will start for you.