Why do I have such severe acne?

Last updated on October 25, 2020



I just have to ask something. I have had pretty severe back acne for five years. I am 13. I’ve had this acne even before I got my period which I got just before I turned 11. About two years ago I started getting severe chest acne. No one knows, and I’m too embarrassed to wear bathing suits and loose clothing.

Please help me. What is going on with my body?


For a teenager to get acne during their adolescent years is very common. The only thing that puzzles me is that you say it started when you were eight and that isn’t common. I can’t rule out the possibility that you might have something else, such as allergies that might be mistaken for acne.

Most teenager’s skin will clear up once their development is complete. For some teenagers, acne persists and they might need to see a dermatologist about the matter.

Since this is bothering you, you might want to ask your parents for an appointment with a dermatologist anyway. He may be able to suggest some things you can do now to ease the severity of what you are experiencing.