Will I be able to have children with irregular periods?

Last updated on October 22, 2020


I am 24 years old virgin. I’ve always had irregular periods since I was 15 years old. The first time I got my period was at the age of 9. Every time I go to the gynecologist for a pap test and everything else that I have to go through at my age the test results come back normal. To make a long story short, I haven’t seen my period for four months. I am overweight and I break out with acne on my face. Anytime my period would come on that would be one of the signs. Can I still ovulate? Will I be able to have children? What is going on with my body?

Please help!


Not every woman has regular periods. Some women have irregular periods most of their life. Since nothing particular has been found, and I would assume that diabetes was ruled out, I would be forced to assume that you simply have irregular periods.

Periods are affected by more than just adequate nutrition, your emotional state, medications that you take, and anything else that can change your hormonal balance can alter your menstruation. Check any medication that you take and see if it states that it can affect your periods. Make sure you have a balanced diet, which would improve your weight and acne also. But probably the biggest thing you can do is work on lowering stress in your life.

Having periods, even if they are irregular, generally indicates that you can have children. You might have more difficulty than many in becoming pregnant since you have fewer days per year in which it is possible because of your irregular periods. You also might find it difficult to carry a child to term every time because you currently have hormonal problems. Usually, though, your doctor will monitor the situation and take corrective action if he or she suspects a problem.