Did I sin sleeping next to my boyfriend?

Last updated on October 28, 2020


I’ve realized that you have already answered something similar to this, but I needed more reassurance. Recently I had just slept with my boyfriend. It wasn’t planned or anything, it just happened. I happened to watch a movie over at his place and fell asleep during the movie and he ended up sleeping next to me. I intend for this to be the only and last time this happens. However, the main question I wanted to ask is that do I need to go before the church and repent? I’m from a very conservative family and honestly, I’m feeling very lost and confused right now. May you please help? And I’m also trying to teach him the Bible and I think I’ve set the wrong example, and I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

Thank you.


In English, as in many other languages, “sleeping with” someone can be an idiom. An idiom is a phrase that carries a meaning that cannot be deduced directly from the words being used. For example, we say it is raining cats and dogs to mean it is raining fiercely. To sleep with someone can be an idiom that means you had sex with that person. Having sex without being married (fornication) is a sin (I Corinthians 6:9-10). Falling asleep in the same room as another person, or even next to each other is not a sin.