I have bumps near my panty line after shaving

Last updated on October 26, 2020


I shaved recently and bumps popped up around my panty line. They don’t hurt or itch. They are skin-colored and there are not many. They don’t scab. They just turn black as pimples do.

Please help.


What you are seeing are either ingrown hairs or “black heads.”

Ingrown hair is usually this is more of a problem with people who have very curly or kinky hair. What happens is that shaving leaves a hair with a point just below the skin line. As it grows, it curls and the point snags the edge of the skin. The hair ends up twisting just below the skin level and is the dark spot in the center. However, ingrown hair typically hurts and gets red around the bump.

Blackheads are found on people with large pores and oily skin. The black spots are the clog in the pore that may eventually lead to a pimple if an infection sets in. Shaving opens pores on the skin making blackheads more likely. One cheap way of dealing with blackheads is using a little toothpaste on the spot. Toothpaste has very mild scrubbing particles in it that can get down in the pores. After using, rinse with hot water. To prevent this from happening again, wash the area first with antibacterial soap and hot water. Then use a shaving gel that will protect the skin from the razor.