I would like to have a boyfriend, but I don’t know how to find one

Last updated on October 26, 2020



I have been wanting a boyfriend or just a very close boy-friend for some time now. I watch the movies where the boy and girl have such an amazing friendship and every time it seems like I fall into self-pity. I know that I’m supposed to be patient for the godly man who has been designed to come into my life, but it’s very hard for me to wait patiently. What makes it a little worse is that I’m homeschooled, so I don’t get to socialize with a lot of kids my age. I was just wondering if you can advise me on any social activities or books to read so the little voice in my heart can be quieted down a bit until the right time.

Thanks a lot.


Having homeschooled my own children and running a national group of homeschoolers, I know first hand that socialization is not typically a problem — unless you want to talk about socializing with the bad elements in the world.

I don’t subscribe to the daydream that God has one special someone designated for each person. Such is never stated in the Bible. God answers prayers and may arrange for people to meet, but the choice of who you select for a mate is left up to you.

Sometimes a girl has to take an active role in meeting a suitable guy. Read the story of Ruth in the Bible and realize that some guys, like Boaz, have to be prodded a bit to notice who is around.

So get out and do things that you like to do. Perhaps get involved in a community theater, join 4-H, get active with a missions group, volunteer at the library, etc. Do things that you like that gets you out and about. And by doing things you like, you are more likely to meet guys who like the same things you like.

Keep in mind though that all guys are not equally good. Don’t let your desire to have a boyfriend blind you to who you are talking with.