If a man’s semen is not sticky, does that mean the woman won’t get pregnant?

Last updated on October 31, 2020


Good Day, Sir!

I’d really like to know if a man cums inside your vagina, but the kind of sperm cell is not sticky, is it possible he can get the woman pregnant?


The consistency of a man’s semen does not tell you whether he is fertile or not. A man’s semen does change in consistency from day to day, just as the mucus flows from the vagina can change.

Men produce three types of fluids from their penis: urine, pre-ejaculate fluid, and semen. Pre-ejaculate flows when a man is sexually aroused. The fluid serves several purposes, such as clearing the tube in the penis of any leftover urine and lubricating the tube in preparation for ejaculation. This fluid is slightly thick and clear; yet, it can contain some sperm.

When a man ejaculates, what comes out is semen, which is a thicker opaque fluid. Semen contians millions of sperm. Semen contains an chemical that makes it temporarily thick, but after a few moments it breaks down to a more watery fluid. This makes it easier for the sperm to swim and reach the woman’s egg cell.

All it takes is one sperm cell reaching the egg at the right time to cause a child to be conceived.