Is it normal that my periods are always random, painful, and heavy?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


I’m 22. My periods are always random, painful, and heavy. Sometimes I will go 20 days between cycles, and others it’s 30 days. I have friends who say they can pin it down to 1-2 days of when they will start. I can never do that! This month, I had my period 28 days after my last. Then, 14 days later, it came again! My period always last a minimum of 6 days, and sometimes 7! I bleed heavily throughout the entire time. I hear most girls say they only bleed heavy at the beginning, or either at the end. I’ve never heard anyone say they bleed heavy the entire time. I also have severe cramping throughout my entire period. I have not had a pap smear in 4 years, because I have no health insurance. This has been happening for about 2 years.

Do you think this is normal?


While a woman’s menstrual cycle can be variable when it first starts, you are well past the age when it should be continuing. The fact that they only recently started just increases the concern. The symptoms that you list: heavy bleeding, pain, and random cycles are all symptoms of a problem that should not be ignored. Almost all possibilities are treatable, but you will need to see a gynecologist so that the cause can be located.