What are the signs of menstruation?

Last updated on October 21, 2020


I just had my checkup. The doctor says that I’m in puberty stage 4. I had gained weight and had a growth spurt. My nipples and breasts started to develop two years ago. My pubic hair grew a little around both sides of my vagina area. I started my discharge for a year (usually transparent or whitish). It became more and turned light brown and very sticky recently. Am I getting my period? What are the signs of it? How should I prepare for it?



Vaginal discharges are a part of life for women. What you have been seeing for the last year or so is the mucus fluid that is produced by the lining of your vagina. Its purpose is similar to that produced in your nose. It traps foreign particles and moves them out of the vagina.

A light brown color indicates some blood is mixing with the mucus. It could be that you are about to have menstruation and you are seeing the first traces of the lining beginning to be shed. Or it can be the sign of an infection.

Since you haven’t had menstrual bleedings yet, it is possible that it is beginning. An actual period will make you think you are bleeding internally. The fluid will be bright red or dark red and may have some clots in it. While the quantity is not huge, it is distinctly noticeable.

When menstruation first begins, it can be very erratic, both in frequency and amounts discharged. It will take one to two years before your body settles down into a steady rhythm.

What you need to do is start carrying pads with you so that you can use them when it does come.

If the brownish color continues for more than a week, you should see a gynecologist in order to make sure that you didn’t pick up an infection.