My boyfriend withdrew before ejaculating, but I’ve

Last updated on October 31, 2020


One month ago my boyfriend and I had sex. We had it three times up to now. Each time he discharged semen on me. He half-way put his penis inside me but I’m a virgin and I did not lose my virginity. After each time he discharged his semen outside of my vagina.

I would like to know if there is any possibility I could get pregnant because for four days I have been feeling something weird regarding my health. I feel nauseous and feel hungry. I don’t seem to get full after I eat.

Please advise me.


Any time sex takes place there is always a chance of pregnancy. Even if a boy manages to withdraw before ejaculating, there is still a possibility of sperm being present in his pre-ejaculate fluid. That is the fluid that drips from a boy’s penis when he is very sexually aroused. There is not a lot of sperm in it, but it just takes one sperm being present when you release an egg to cause pregnancy. The odds are low, but not zero. In addition, you don’t know if he dribbled a small amount of semen before he withdrew. Such would have a much greater amount of sperm. Even with withdrawal, if he put his penis back into your vagina after ejaculating, there can be semen on the end of his penis and a guy continues to dribble semen for a while after ejaculating.

Therefore, yes, there is a possibility that you have become pregnant. If you have had a period since the last time you had sex, then you are not pregnant. But if you haven’t had your period by the time you should have, then there is a possibility that you are pregnant. You can use a home pregnancy test to be more certain. Usually, you have to use it two weeks after your period didn’t come on time.

In regards to virginity, to be a virgin means you have no experience with sex. Whether your hymen is intact or not has little to do with whether you are a virgin. Yes, virgins do tend to have intact hymens. but the hymen can be broken and the girl has never had sex. And girls can have sex and still have an intact hymen. For example, a girl could have participated in oral sex, have an intact hymen, and still not be a virgin because oral sex is still a form of sex.

Therefore, you are not a virgin because you have been involved in sex with a boy. That he didn’t put his penis all the way in, doesn’t change the matter. But most importantly is the fact that you and he are committing fornication. “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4). Whether you are pregnant or not, you cannot reach heaven while remaining guilty of this sin.