My breasts seem to look different than normal

Last updated on October 20, 2020



I’m 16 and I started my period when I was 13. My breasts seem to look different than normal. Is this because I haven’t fully matured yet? If so when will my breasts start to look normal? I’m a full C cup almost a D cup, and I still haven’t grown breast tissue underneath my breast. But will I be growing breast tissue underneath soon?

Thank you so much!


When Dr. Tanner developed his system of estimating developmental growth, he used two features as the primary determiner in girls: the shape of their breasts and their pubic hair. Each stage of development comes with a different breast shape. Though you didn’t describe the “unusual” shape that you are seeing, I suspect that you are simply noticing that you have moved into another stage. The size of your breasts does not matter, it is the shape that indicates what stage of development you are currently at. To estimate what stage of development you are in, see the Tanner Stage Calculator for Girls.

My guess is that you are in stage 4 because the breast shape with a double mound looks a bit odd and 16 is a typical age to be in stage four. The stage will last about six months to a year.