Yesterday, I had a few spots of blood. Is this my first period?

Last updated on October 17, 2020


I will be 12 in one month. Yesterday, I had a few spots of blood in my underwear. Today I had just one spot and a little bit of blood when I wiped. Now I don’t have anything. Is this my first period?


Yes, you are experiencing your first period, barring an accident that might have torn your hymen. The amount of blood will vary quite a bit from month to month as you continue to develop. Some months you will have almost nothing and other months it will be quite a bit. You might not have one at all one in a great while.

Since a period generally lasts about five days, you should wear a pad to catch the blood for about a week, just in case you had a slow start followed by a more significant flow a few days later. Keep a few pads handy because your next period might not come precisely 28 days later.