My periods stopped for several weeks

Last updated on October 17, 2020


I’m very concerned and I was hoping you had an answer. I have two concerns actually. One is that I have been having my periods since August, but then they stopped for a week or two in late December to early January. I want to know what is wrong. Another thing is that vagina is now looking kind of wrinkled as I may call it.


In neither question is there an indication of anything wrong. When you first start having periods, it is not unusual at all for your periods to be irregular. Your body is still making adjustments and you will miss periods, go extra long some months and some months go extra short. This is all normal. By the time you reach your twenties, the pattern of your periods will settle into a more regular rhythm.

The vagina is supposed to be wrinkled. This is what allows it to accommodate giving birth to a baby without tearing.